These TIDE e-learning courses on cross-cutting themes for sustainable urban mobility were originally offered as 4-week moderated courses in spring 2014 as part of the EU TIDE project. While we can no longer provide expert moderation, we are happy to make the course materials open for you to learn from.  If you have any questions about these courses or about the TIDE project, please contact

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New mobility projects can impact many areas, including accessibility, equity, safety, liveability, health, the environment and public budgets. Neglecting any of these can lead to unsustainable planning. An assessment prior to implementation helps you select appropriate and cost-effective mobility measures, and gives you an idea whether the measures will bring the intended results. TIDE has developed a straightforward tool for determining the impacts of new transport measures. In this course, you can use the tool to assess measures from your own local context.

The TIDE project addresses a range of innovative measures in transport (pricing measures, non-motorised transport, data and traffic management, electric mobility, public transport organisation). This course addresses how innovations in each of these areas fit into the larger picture of sustainable urban mobility planning in your town, city or region.