This course is part of the European Smart Move project, which promotes the use of public transport in rural areas.The central objective of SmartMove is to promote the use of existing public transport services via personalised travel marketing approach. The ‘active’ in Active Mobility Consultancy (AMC) has a three-fold meaning:

  • First, it refers to the active process of informing people about public transport services based on their individual needs, rather than expecting people to find out themselves about what is available.
  • The second meaning refers to the implementation of several active measures that aim to decrease barriers to public transport use, such as practical traveller trainings for older people.
  • The third meaning relates to taking the feedback received through the two-way dialogue with public transport users into account and actively adapting services based on people's needs.

This easy-to-use online course will give you insights into the the SmartMove approach by giving you background information and first-hand experiences. We prepared five chapters with just the right amount of information you need to kick-start your own SmartMove campaign. We also suggest to look at the resources section that is available in this course and contains additional background information that might help you to more easily adapt the campaign to your local context.

We really hope you enjoy the online course!

On behalf of the whole SmartMove team,
Silke Frank and Henning Günter.