Welcome to the JASPERS SUMP Training

for Spain and Portugal!

This tool enables planning authorities to measure their knowledge and/or progress towards a genuine Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan. The Tool is a questionnaire about the SUMP development process and its content, structured along the EU SUMP Guidelines. It corresponds to the SUMP requirements as set out in the European Commission's Urban Mobility Package.

The questionnaire is based on the one provided on the ELTIS website. The questions are based on the assumption that your SUMP is already in a finalized stage of the process and are therefore formulated in the past tense (“has a cooperation process been established…..”). However, they should be understood as potential future tense as well (“has a cooperation process been established or do you intend to establish a cooperation process….”) in the case that you are only planning to prepare an SUMP. Thus, please anticipate the preparation process and assume a realistic scenario of how the process of SUMP preparation will realistically work in practice in your specific context.

The link provided here is used exclusively in the context of the preparation and implementation of the JASPERS SUMP Training for EU Member States, which draws on EU funds to finance urban transport projects. One link is established per country, or group of countries, where this is explicitly expressed.

The development of the SUMP training concept and the implementation of this training is commissioned to a consultant (Mott MacDonald). Contributions to support the training, including this “Self-Assessment Classroom” (i.e. country link) provided by Rupprecht Consult, are subcontracted. The structure of the training programme is based on a number of modules which fully reflects the EU SUMP Guidelines. In some areas the training modules have combined information on different SUMP steps to provide a more streamlined training programme that can be delivered over 2 days.  

The feedback and responses that are provided through this Self-Assessment questionnaire will help inform the training event and help the organisers understand current knowledge and experience of the SUMP process. More detailed aspects of SUMP tasks and processes will be covered during the training event on 23rd and 24rd of January 2017. 

We would ask you to fill out the questionnaire now. Once registered, you may interrupt this process any time and continue when you log on at the next occasion. The full process will last about 2 hours. 

You are encouraged but not obliged to take a look at the background information which will you find if you click on "Get started with the SUMP Self-Assessment tool" below.

In this section you can ...
  • read background information about the SUMP Self-Assessment tool;
  • go on a self-guided tour about how to use and navigate the SUMP Self-Assessment;
  • download the SUMP questionnaire as PDF (e.g. to discuss it with colleagues before filling in the questionnaire);
  • find additional resources from the CH4LLENGE course;
  • and start/ continue your SUMP Self-Assessment.