Welcome to the FLOW “wing” of the Mobility Academy!

It is the aim of the FLOW project to put walking and cycling on an equal footing with motorised modes by developing a user-friendly methodology to assess the effectiveness of walking and cycling measures in addressing urban road congestion in conjunction with transport modelling tools. Three FLOW e-courses will be offered in 2017 addressing different aspects of the subject.

  1. Congestion and your city: the FLOW approach (30.01-24.02.2017)
  2. FLOW and transport modelling: looking at the tools (22.05-23.06.2017)
  3. Putting it all together: the policy context of applying the FLOW tools (13.11-08.12.2017)

 You’re welcome to take part in any or all of them.

 For more information on the FLOW project, see the project website.

For instructions on how to register for a course, click here.