Welcome to the EBSF_2 Online Course on Green Driver Assistance Systems!

The European Bus Systems of the Future 2 project (EBSF 2) is an Innovation Action co-funded by the European Union within the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme and coordinated by UITP – the International Association of Public Transport. The project, which ran between May 2015 and April 2018, capitalizes on the results of the previous EBSF project (2008-2013) and, as the former, aims to develop a new generation of urban bus systems by means of new vehicle technologies and infrastructures in combination with operational best practices, and test them in operating scenarios within several European bus networks. The need for more cost-effective and energy efficient bus systems has led to the identification of a set of technological innovations and strategies with a strong potential to optimize mainly energy and thermal management of buses (in particular auxiliaries such as climate systems), green driver (eco driving) assistance systems, intelligent garage and maintenance processes, IT standard equipment and services.

This online training module focuses on the project topical area Green Driver Assistance Systems (GDAS). Green driving, or eco-driving, describes the energy efficient driving of vehicles by adopting a smoother driving style which avoids excessive harsh maneuvers or aggressive driving behaviors. The main objective of GDAS is to help drivers to achieve more efficient driving, mainly by informing them about their driving style while driving, and afterwards allowing them to see where they can improve. The training module provides insights into the outcomes of the EBSF_2 demonstrations in Barcelona, Lyon, Madrid, San Sebastian, where tests and evaluations of different eco-driving assistance systems have been carried out. The information from these four demonstrations are compiled into the training module to provide a clear overview over the current possibilities of implementing GDAS. The training material is intended to inform decision-makers, technicians and driving instructors of public transport operators, who plan to introduce IT-supported green driving training programmes.