These TIDE e-learning courses on electric mobility were originally offered as 4-week moderated courses in spring 2014 as part of the EU TIDE project. While we can no longer provide expert moderation, we are happy to make the course materials open for you to learn from.  If you have any questions about these courses or about the TIDE project, please contact

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Many cities are feeling pressure these days to move toward electric mobility, but there are still many unknowns. While there is no blueprint for installing EV charging infrastructure, this course will provide some basic information about different types of charging technologies and guidelines for their. It will also offer an overview on quantifying the infrastructure needed, business models, partners and stakeholders, political instruments and financial incentives.

Electric vehicles in the logistics sector are a matter for the private sector. But does this mean there is nothing a city can do to encourage electric delivery vehicles? This course addresses the question of how cities can work with the private sector and what role the public sector can/should play in encouraging and supporting further electrification in the logistics sector.