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  • This e-course has run and moderated during the indicated timeline in the course description. At the moment the content of this course is still available in a self-paced format for all participants who wish to access. The course is no longer moderated and therefore, there is no possibility to get a certificate from this course. In case there any updates regarding this course, it will be published here.

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    The Mobility Academy team.

    What is co-creation, and how can it be used to begin transforming our neighbourhoods into more vibrant, livable spaces for all people who live, move, shop, attend schools and relax in them?

    This interactive, self-paced course is aimed at practitioners in city administrations who want to initiate and coordinate a co-creative process in one of their neighbourhoods. No prior knowledge is required. It is available 24/7 for 4 weeks (2 September to 30 September 2019). Each week a new unit will become available.

    Participants who successfully complete all course tasks will receive a Certificate of Completion.

    We hope you enjoy the course, and look forward to hearing from you in the discussion forum!

    Your course moderators
    Kristin Tovaas, Rupprecht ConsultKristin Tovaas, M.Sc. (Rupprecht Consult, Cologne, Germany) is coordinating the SUNRISE project together with her colleague Ralf  Brand. Together, they're responsible for managing the 'co-implementation of solutions' phase in SUNRISE (Unit 5). She will also be moderating Unit 1: Getting started, Unit 2: Introduction to co-creation and Unit 7: Conclusion. Kristin has an interdisciplinary background in sustainability science, communication and system analysis, with a specialisation in sustainable transport and urban development. She works at Rupprecht Consult coordinating EU-funded projects and conducting research on sustainable, inclusive mobility.

    Astrid GrossmannAstrid Grossmann, M.Sc. (urbanista, Hamburg, Germany) is responsible for managing the 'co-identification of problems & co-validation of needs' phase in SUNRISE (Unit 3). Astrid has a background in urban planning with a specialisation in co-creation, innovative processes and urban mobility. She is a project leader at »urbanista«, a consultancy for urban strategies, urban research and participation. At urbanista we understand ourselves as co-creative designers and spatial researchers. Our aim is to help local actors to build their cases and projects on a broad public knowledge and engagement.

    Lukas Franta
    Lukas Franta, M.Sc. (TU Wien, Vienna, Austria) is responsible for managing the ‚co-development and co-selection‘ phase (Unit 4) and the process evaluation (Unit 6) in SUNRISE together with his colleague Nadine Haufe. He will be moderating Unit 4 and Unit 6 (process evaluation). Lukas has a background in urban planning and urban studies with a specialization in co-creation and participation in urban planning processes with a focus on urban mobility. He works at TU Wien (Vienna) providing consultancy and conducting research on participation in planning projects.

    Damian Stantchev

    Damian Stantchev, PhD (Edinburgh Napier University, Edinburgh, Scotland) is responsible for managing the 'co-assessment & co-evaluation' phase in SUNRISE together with his colleague Achille Fonzone, and focuses on impact assessment and evaluation in SUNRISE (Unit 6). Damian works as a Senior Research Fellow at Edinburgh Napier University. He has previous experience in the evaluation of sustainable mobility measures and have participated in a number of CIVITAS projects such as CAPITAL, PUSH&PULL and PROSPERITY.

    Nadine Haufe
    Nadine Haufe, M.A. (TU Wien, Vienna, Austria) is responsible for managing the process evaluation in SUNRISE (Unit 6) and the ´co-development and co-selection phase in SUNRISE (Unit 4) together with her colleague Lukas Franta. Together, they are moderating Unit 4.  In cooperation with the colleagues from Edinburgh Napier University, she is also moderating Unit 6. Nadine has a backround in environmental and communication sociology with a specialization in sustainable mobility behaviour, sustainability communication, participation and co-creation in planning processes. She works at the TU Wien (Vienna) providing consultancy and conducting research on sustainable consumption and communication in planning.

  • Unit 1: Getting Started

    Unit 1 will get you started with the course. It introduces you to the background and idea of the SUNRISE project and how you can get the most out of this online platform and this course.

  • Unit 2: Introduction to co-creation

    In this Unit, we will introduce you to the main elements and principles of co-creation so you know how to set yourself up for a successful process.
  • Unit 3: Co-identification of problems and co-validation of needs

    Unit 3 gets your started with the co-creation process. Here you will learn about the first steps to be taken in your co-creation project: co-identifying the problems experienced in the neighbourhood, and then to co-validating the needs of the residents and other stakeholders.
  • Unit 4: Co-development and co-selection of solutions

    With the mobility problems co-identified and co-validated, it's now time to co-develop a range of solutions that will then be co-selected by the stakeholders and residents in the neighbourhood.
  • Unit 5: Co-implementation of solutions

  • Unit 6: Co-assessment and co-evaluation

  • Unit 7: Conclusion

    What have you learned and what else can you learn from the SUNRISE project?