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  • Course 2: Co-creating the SUMP vision

    The second e-course focuses on the importance of co-creating the process and the plan together with different stakeholders.  It gives advice on how to elaborate a public participation and communication strategy and how to integrate participation in the overall process. The course presents concrete examples of methods and tools that can be used in workshops and events with different stakeholder groups.

    Developing a common vision with citizens and other interest groups is a crucial start of the SUMP process. It creates ownership and acceptance, when citizens´ ideas and view point are taken into account. Using the community´s knowledge can provide valuable input for the city administration in developing their SUMP.

  • Course modules

    The e-course modules are the main part of the course. They offer background information, practical advice, planning methods and good examples on important SUMP topics. Each of them ends with a slide summarising the content of the module.

  • Webinars

    Enjoy the selection of city presentations on different aspects relevant to co-creating a long-term SUMP vision. The presentations have been held between 2017 and 2019 for the SUMPs-Up learning programme.

    City presentation Birmingham - Birmingham Connected and Transport Space Allocation Policy