Topic outline

  • Unit 1: Introduction

    The overall mission of SOLUTIONS is to support the uptake of innovative sustainable urban mobility solutions in Europe and other regions in the world, in particular in Asia, Latin America and the Mediterranean. The project addresses urban mobility solutions around six thematic clusters: public transport, transport infrastructure, city logistics, integrated planning/SUMP, network and mobility management and clean vehicles. This course addresses the field of clean vehicles and focuses on electric vehicles in particular.
  • Unit 2: Background and context

    This unit is about the role of clean vehicles in an sustainable urban transport system and the benefits that are associated with cleaner fuels. 
  • Unit 3: Introduction to electric vehicles

    Electric vehicles are currently seen as most promising options to alleviate local emissions and to contribute to a low-carbon transport sector. This units provides an introduction to battery electric vehicles including technological background on electric vehicles and charging infrastructure. Furthermore, the chapter offers some insights to the global EV developments.
  • Unit 4: Becoming an EV city

    Becoming an EV city: In this unit you can explore the options for electric vehicles in your city and different options to promote local EV penetration.

    While focusing on electric vehicles the key principles and measures likewise can be applied to other clean vehicles options. 

  • Unit 5: Example deployment of clean vehicles in cities

    Example EV deployment: Barcelona The city of Barcelona created a platform for public and private collaboration to coordinate and support EV activities
  • Unit 6: Conclusion

    What have you learned and what else can you learn from the SOLUTIONS project?