Welcome to the ELIPTIC Learning Platform!

The Learning Platform is part of the ELIPTIC - Electrification of public transport in cities project. ELIPTIC aims to develop new concepts and business cases in order to optimise existing electric public transport infrastructure and rolling stock, saving both money and energy. The project strengthens the role of electric public transport, leading to reduced fossil fuel consumption and improved air quality. ELIPTIC's overall mission is to optimise existing electric public transport infrastructure and rolling stock in order to reduce costs and energy consumption. The overall concept and main assumption underpinning ELIPTIC is that further take-up of electric vehicles can be supported cost-efficiently by integrating existing electric public transport infrastructure for multi-purpose use. To achieve this goal, ELIPTIC will analyse 21 concepts within 11 cities (Barcelona, Bremen, Brussels, Eberswalde, Gdynia, Lanciano, Leipzig, London, Oberhausen, Szeged and Warsaw) and in three thematic pillars.

If you have any questions about the ELIPTIC Learning Platform, please contact Wolfgang Backhaus at w.backhaus@rupprecht-consult.eu

Electrification of Public Transport Toolbox
The ELIPTIC Learning Platform offers a web-based toolbox that comprises ...