Why a sustainable urban mobility plan?

What is the value of having a sustainable urban mobility plan in your city or region?

2. SUMPs in the European context

As noted in the previous section, sustainable urban mobility planning is not yet very widespread in Europe. On the other hand, the idea of SUMPs is very quickly gaining in profile and importance within the European Union and having one Transport White Paper covercould become essential for cities or regions hoping to receive European funding for mobility-related projects in the future.

According to the European Commission’s 2011 Transport White Paper, EU funding for urban transport projects to cities and regions could be made dependent on whether they have a sustainable urban mobility plan. The White Paper’s list of initiatives includes the following:

31. Urban Mobility Plans:

    • establish procedures and financial support mechanisms at European level for preparing Urban Mobility Audits, as well as Urban Mobility Plans, and set up a European Urban Mobility Scoreboard based on common targets. Examine the possibility of a mandatory approach for cities of a certain size, according to national standards based on EU guidelines.
    • link regional development and cohesion funds to cities and regions that have submitted a current, and independently validated Urban Mobility Performance and Sustainability Audit certificate.