Exploiting marketing research

1. Gdynia: a strategic decision-making tool

In Gdynia, Poland marketing research has been conducted by the public transport authority, ZKM Gdynia, every two years since 1994. It provides data on modal split, travel behavior and preferences and the evaluation of the quality of public transport modes. The research is conducted through individual personal interviews on  a representative  sample of 1% of Gdynia’s population aged 16-75 (almost 2000 people in 2013) taking into account gender, age group and the number of inhabitants in particular districts of Gdynia. The data serves as a basis for the development of public transport services, especially when there are social or political expectations to establish new lines.

Other marketing research, providing data on the volume and structure of demand and income, is carried out every year. These studies play an important role in financial settlements of operations between different administrative units (i.e. the city of Gdynia and surrounding municipalities).

In 2000, the results from marketing research were fundamental to the decision to maintain and develop trolleybus transport in Gdynia. The system is now one of the most innovative and modern electric public transport systems in Europe.