1. Course overview

This course consists of 9 units and offers an overview of a range of topics related to marketing research in public transport including the definition and purpose of marketing research; the scope of marketing research in public transport; market segmentation; designing marketing research; data collection, processing and analysis; understanding your audience when preparing research reports and organising marketing research in public transport.

The first three units are available the first week, and the rest will be opened up in the coming 3 weeks.

Although I'm an academic by training, I've tried to make it concrete and hands-on; most units have a homework task that involves examining and researching your own local context or looking at examples from other places to see how they might apply to your context.

You will have the opportunity to learn from other course participants from other cities and to exchange ideas with them through the course forum. If you have a colleague who is also interested in marketing research and how it can be used in public transport, you are welcome to do the course as a team. I (Marcin, the course moderator) will join the discussion on the forum regularly with comments, questions, suggestions and feedback.

tram-train in Karlsruhe

tram-train in Karlsruhe, Germany