Book 3.2: The sustainable urban mobility planning process

Preparing a SUMP is a complex, multifarious and collaborative task. The SUMP cycle for developing and implementing a SUMP will help you structuring the planning process and cooperate with all relevant institutions, organisations and the community.

1. The SUMP planning cycle

Developing a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan is a complex, integrated planning process requiring high levels of cooperation, exchange and consultation between planners, politicians, institutions, local as well as regional actors and citizens. The planning cycle for developing a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan helps structuring this manifold planning process and illustrates the various steps and activities to be taken for developing a high-quality SUMP.

Please note that the timing of the different activities provides a logical rather than a sequential structure. The SUMP cycle is not prescriptive and in practice, activities may run partially in parallel or include feedback loops.

To provide you with an overview of the plan development process, this Book will give a first glimpse of the four main quadrants "Preparing well", "Rational and transparent goal setting", "Elaborating the plan" and "Implementing the Plan". In the following units, we will have a more detailed look at selected key steps of the SUMP cycle and develop together a fictional SUMP for your city.

SUMP cycle

Figure source: Rupprecht Consult (2014), Guidelines - Developing and Implementing a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan, p. 15