Book 4.1: How to get started with improving existing transport planning practices?

Elements of sustainable urban mobility planning may already exist within the national transport policy or in a city's current transport planning practices. However, more work may be needed to scale up political commitment to overall sustainable mobility principles. How can you determine your potential for a successful SUMP? This unit explains how cities can make the first move.

1. Prepare well!

We cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that each city is different - in terms of size, geography, topography, population and age structure, transport system, policies as well as patterns, institutional set-up... and this list of city complexities could go on forever. The important point you need to know is that the concept of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans is not prescriptive; each city needs to find its own way for SUMP development and implementation, an approach that suits its local situation best.

Some cities might already practice transport planning that is very similar to how we define SUMP; these cities might aim to fine-tune their planning processes and operations. Others have just experienced first commitments towards an SUMP planning approach and want to gain momentum in fostering sustainable urban mobility. And in some cities, sustainable mobility might not yet be on the agenda at all - but perhaps there is movement at the local level that you can push so that it spreads out to the city, or even the entire country.

As mentioned earlier, this SUMP course will guide you through the process of developing and implementing a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan. Parallel to the online learning units, you will look at real-life SUMPs and develop a mini mock-SUMP for your own city. You can do all exercises no matter whether you are a student, transport professional or policy-maker. We are excited to learn more about your city and find out together how to improve the existing transport planning practices and mobility situation in your city!

This Unit focuses on the first quadrant of the SUMP cycle and will familiarise you with the steps to be taken prior to actual SUMP development - preparing well! If you want to recap what the SUMP cycle is about, please go back to Unit 3.

SUMP Cycle - First quadrant