About this course

What you'll learn and how to take the best advantage of the course

1. Interaction

This course is intended to bring together some of the latest information, good practices and good ideas on EV charging technologies and infrastructure planning strategies. Along with the course information, we provide many links to other websites and sources that may be of interest for you as you think about charging infrastructure in your town or city.

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While we believe the information in this course will be valuable to you, we also believe that each of you will add to the value of this course through your knowledge, background and experience.

For this reason, you will be asked to put your task responses in the news forum so that others can learn from them too.

Your settings for the news forum for this course have been pre-set so that you receive one e-mail per day updating you on the latest input in the forum. We suggest you visit the course (at least briefly) every couple of days to see what's new.