Webinar 2 (April 2017) - E-bus planning with simulation tools (Pillar A)

The 2nd ELIPTIC webinar on "E-bus planning supported with simulation tools" took place on April 7 and attracted more than 30 attendees. It was the second in a series of three scheduled throughout the ELIPTIC project.

The webinar was attended by more than 30 professionals from different backgrounds such as consultancies, public transport operators, city administrations as well as the industry sector from all over Europe. Simulation tools help public authorities in the planning of e-bus systems and electrification of their fleets. They are an integral part of the work in the use cases of Pillar A “Safe integration of e-Buses using existing electric public transport infrastructure” of the ELIPTIC project.

After a short introduction into the work of the ELIPTIC project and the use cases related to the webinar’s topic, the presenters from the research organisations RWTH Aachen, Fraunhofer IVI and Vrije Universiteit Brussel showed different aspects of simulation that help in the planning of e-buses. This included the presentation of a software-based approach to find the optimal technical configuration for the use of e-buses on different routes by Fabian Meishner, RWTH Aachen. These calculations are a helpful tool to build sound business cases for the long-term use of electric bus systems. An example was also given of the results of a vehicle simulation-based feasibility study of converting a Diesel bus line with hybrid trolleybuses (by extending the existing trolleybus line) in a rural area in the East of Germany (Dr.-Ing Thoralf Knote, Fraunhofer IVI). Hybrid trolleybuses have an on-board energy storage which enables a fully electric operation without catenaries. Finally, the webinar addressed design questions and charging strategies for e-buses, exemplified in the case of Brussels (Prof. Dr. Omar Hegazy, Vrije Universiteit Brussel).

Please find the recording of the webinar here.