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Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal. Traditionally, the cities/town in the valley was designed in a human scale. A lot of these cities are troubled with vehicular traffic. The new developed areas are vehicle centric with road widening programs happening in different parts of Kathmandu. Growth of settlement areas outside the business centers are growing that are excesses with private vehicles and these are mostly build suburbia like characteristics.

The study done by the ministry of physical infrastructure and transport , and JICA (2012) showed that the travel mode share of walking in Kathmandu valley is 40.7%. However, there had been significantly decline of walking from 53.1% in 1991 to 40.7% in 2012. 

The study by MoPIT/JICA (2011) showed that the travel mode share of cycling has decreased from 6.6% in 1991 to 1.5% in 2011.

The large part of walking and cycling share had been replaced by motorbikes. According to 2011 census of Nepal, in Kathmandu valley 30% of the household have motorbikes while 11.4% have bicycles and 5.2% have cars. Public transport has not been changed much from 27.2% in 1991 to 27.6% in 2011. Though it has largest share after pedestrians and the public transport service has been degrading from very long time making it compulsion for users and not a choice of will. 

Recently due to India's blockage on fossil fuel in Nepal, has increased the number of cyclist in Kathmandu valley. Some people are also shifting to electric motor bikes and cars. As there has been decrease in the number of public transport, many people are seen walking in the streets and "CarPooling" is the recent trend in Nepal due to fuel crisis. 

In Kathmandu, there is no proper system for the information. Though there is "citizen help desk" by Traffic Police in the Old bus station to help the citizen on required information. The large bus service "Sajha Yatayat" provides the information of the routes by the conductor of the bus or pasted in the front glass of the bus and in their website. (

There are cycle rental services in the city but are mostly targeted for international tourist for the city tour or adventure cycling trip near the valley. There are also Rickshaw services found mostly in the core ancient city of Kathmandu. 

Sajha Yatayat Bus service routes in Kathmandu