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Public transport services in Kathmandu are provided by several thousand private operators, which are organized into mode-specific associations and operate along over 200 routes. So, there are no different transport alternatives managed by a common institution. 

Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal and also a heritage city. There are altogether seven UNESCO enlisted world heritages with in the Kathmandu Valley. Thus the city attracts people from all over Nepal for employment, education and lifestyle as well the people around the world for the heritage. So, the planning of the city is growing rapidly with the rise in population and rapid urbanization. Recently, there has been the project on widening of the roads in the ring road of Kathmandu in the word of Development and also for the reason of traffic congestion. The project started few years ago but is still not completed due to political situation.

There is a separate Ministry of Urban Development for urban planning and Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and transport for transport management in Kathmandu, Nepal. The Government of Nepal (GoN) has enacted several policies and regulations related to transportation to provide safer, efficient, and environmentally-friendly transport in Nepal through enhanced institutional capacity, better management, and improved coordination with urban development and environmental policies.