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The different public transport system in my city are bus, micro-bus, mini-van, tempo. 

There are more than 70% private vehicles in Kathmandu in which motorbike ranks the highest in number. There have been also rising concerns on parking issues in the city due to the rise in private vehicles. 

The current public transport service in Kathmandu is haphazard and unreliable and undependable on different aspects: in-vehicle time, frequency of service, availability of service during anti-social time, and level of comfort by overcrowding and recklessness in driving. 

In Kathmandu after the expansion of roads, though the public transport don't have their dedicated lanes but there are separate lanes for slow moving vehicles on both sides of the road in some areas.There are some cycle lanes. And pedestrians lanes or sidewalks are lacking in many parts of the city. Thus the city reflects a vehicle-oriented city planning.

Motor cycle users are growing very high in Kathmandu so as the cars (not as in the rates of motor bikes). If there can be improvement in the efficiency and reliability of public transport, infrastructure for cycle tracks and good sidewalks and change in the attitude of the people on private vehicles as their social status, we can imagine the change in modal split of Kathmandu.