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Sorry, I don't know about above questions asked and could not find much information on this. 

The government of Nepal mentioned that government-owned vehicles should mix 10 per cent ethanol on petroleum products from next fiscal on their next year financial budget plan for government vehicle. There is no such information on internet made by any government or non-government agencies on subsiding public transportation. Though there are transport plans of the government over the years to promote the use of environment friendly and battery operated vehicles but not much else has been done.

The government in an effort to promote electric and hybrid vehicles, the customs duty of electric and hybrid vehicles ha halved by 50%.

There are no any congestion charging policies to my information. 

I think my city is not prepared so much to start these types of discussions. Though the citizens and some of the government understand the need for improving the quality of transport services in the family but the implementation and the whole government process for the implementation of the project is hard. The government here, don't take a pro-active role for this and so, the private sector (syndicates) flourished overall Kathmandu (as well as in whole Nepal). The privatization of public transport in Nepal was meant to bring more improved service to public; however it got more and more deteriorated with time as a result of syndicate system and inefficiency of government.