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Unit 7: Preparing and presenting a research report

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Unit 7: Preparing and presenting a research report
by Kristin Tovaas - Monday, 26 May 2014, 10:01 AM

Please share your responses to the unit 7 questions here.

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Re: Unit 7: Preparing and presenting a research report
by Alan Octavio Vera Velasco - Thursday, 5 June 2014, 10:33 PM

La Paz-Bus is a service that has had as one of its relevant components, the communication strategy. Then, the communications area of the Service has carried out an aggressive campaign promoting the new service at local and national levels. However, even though there are several aspects of the project that are key ones such as the bus safety and unique mechanical characteristics, the younger users of the service was more interested in the availability of free WI-FI Internet on board. Then, the topic that I would choose to write a Research report is: The availability and usage of WIFI Internet on the bus service.

• What message do I want to communicate?

Internet free access on board is a feature that is highly appreciated not only by youngsters but for 78% of the total users of La Paz-Bus. In this sense, I would like to communicate that it is an aggregated value that users have if they decide to use our service. • What is the purpose of the report? The purpose of the report would be to show local governments authorities that an economic investment would result in high appreciation form the users towards La Paz-Bus and so useful for every user of the service.

• Who is the audience for the report? Does it have more than one?

In order to maintain a level of transparency and information flow, the audience of the report would be: a) the local Government of La Paz; and b) the public opinion, since such a report is intended to be available to be downloaded from the official local government we page.

• What is present level of knowledge of the report's audience?

As described there would be two levels of audience´s knowledge. The civil servants and authorities and the common citizens. In consequence, it is crucial that the report would be clear and avoiding using of non-common terms and concepts. The use of graphics and clear tables is crucial to make the report more interesting and “digestible”. Since the topic is about ICT´s it is recommendable that certain definitions precede the inform.

  • What is the decision-making power of the report's audience?

Believe it or not, this kind of reports are essential to decide the continuation or not of any component of the service. Then the audience response is high in two aspects: a) the effective decision-power; and b) the mass opinion that tends to be critical and demanding about development and aavailability of reliable internet connections.

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Re: Unit 7: Preparing and presenting a research report
by Eline Malleret - Tuesday, 10 June 2014, 6:43 PM

As explained in previous units news forum, public transport in Preston area is operated by multiple private companies, each one fixing its own prices and ticketing service. This results in a complex scheme of various ticketing which are not compatible from one company to another.  Adding to inconvenience of users, the buses cannot give change when users are buying tickets in the bus by cash money. In case the right amount cannot be given, users will have to get back their change at an information office on Preston Bus Station.

In order to harmonize ticketing and to make travels easier to users, the Lancashire County Council is looking at the opportunities to launch integrated ticketing. In this context and regarding the recent evolution in new technologies such as contactless payment, it would be interesting to prepare a research report on integrated electronic ticketing (such as the OYSTER model of a stored value contactless smartcard) for bus transport network county wide.

• What message do I want to communicate?

This research report would look at the potential demand for electronic integrated ticketing by assessing the current market and customers profiles and habits.

The purpose of it would be to demonstrate the added value of the electronic system, as it can not only simplify the ticketing scheme for both users and companies, but also attract potential public transport users as it is can be interpreted as a ‘sign’ of high quality service.

Who is the audience for the report? Does it have more than one? What is the decision-making power of the report's audience?

The audience would be first and foremost the Lancashire County Council in order to help its decision-making on the issue but also to bus companies to demonstrate them the benefits of this system. At that stage it would probably be an ‘internal’ report between transport stakeholders but it is likely that users would be interviewed for the report purposes and that another report could be made public at a later stage in the decision-making.

What is present level of knowledge of the report's audience?

As the audience would be transport stakeholders some professional jargon can be used but as it is also meant to be read by politicians, the information will be presented in non-technical language and in anyway of course it would be drafted in a very clear graphic layout in order to deliver a message that can be instantly understood.