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Unit 7: Decision making schemes and public participation

Unit 7: Decision making schemes and public participation

by Kristin Tovaas -
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Re: Unit 7: Decision making schemes and public participation

by Deleted user -

MPTA needs a freedom for its work. This is the part, which is not working in Slovakia, due to lack of bravery from authorities to put their power into the hands of MPTA. For sure they will kick and fall sometimes (as the authorities usually do too), but they need to learn how to do their work properly. Nobody fall from the sky with knowledge.

Bratislava need strong authority - which explains to the city council, that all agreements and changes needs to be cleared before they put something on the paper. First distraction of our integrated system cames from the city itself - city council agrees for some exceptions for two small groups of passengers. This step wasn´t cleared with MPTA, so now passengers don´t understand, why urban transport is for them for free, but at the same area other modes of transport are not free.

I agree to set up targets by authority and put managerial feeedom for MPTA. Targets needs to be selected carefully due to the fact, that some of them may need to increase budget to reach them.

MPTA needs to be responsible and have targets set on quality of service, fullfill the demand (inside defined limits), passenger atractivity, frequency of service, advertising PT, co-operating with other modes of transport (e.g. car & bike sharing...) and other stakeholders (such as large corporations).

By my opinion is good to let an MPTA set targets, but the best way is to have them proven by authorities too.