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Unit 7: Integration

Unit 7: Integration

by Kristin Tovaas -
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Please put your responses to Unit 7 here.

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Re: Unit 7: Integration

by Deleted user -

Sustainable logistics is a popular subject on several poltitical levels.

The region Rivierenland (region around the rivers) wants to maintain and/or improve the regional quality and supports projects around sustainability, social cohesion, economic development, logistics hotspot, infrastructure, etc. Our parcel project combines a lot of those aspects.

Furthermore our project is part of the sustainable corridor of the province of Gelderland.

On a national level logistics is one of nine so called 'topsectors', which get extra attention. Next to that we have a national plan for clean air (Nationaal Samenwerkingsprogramma Luchtkwaliteit) to try to meet the demands of the EU regarding air quality. 

Next to that the European Horizon 2020 programme calls several possible connections: transport, smart, green and integrated transport.

 So let's say that the political conditions around our project are favorable.

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Re: Unit 7: Integration

by Bonnie Fenton -

Hello all,

As with several other of the courses, we've kept this one open for a few extra days, but we will be closing tomorrow so if you have any final comments to add, please do so today.

Thanks everyone!