Unit 1: your task

Since this unit is called 'Introduction', your first task is to introduce yourself and your town or city. Please write a couple of sentences explaining:

  •  Where you are from (basic indicators of your city)
  •  What you do (area of work, type of work)
  •  What extend of knowledge you have in your area of work about city logistics  

Please post your introduction in the news forum under Unit 1: Introduction.

We the moderators (Laetitia and Christophe) will be adding our thoughts and comments to the news forum on a regular basis as well. So in order for you to also know who we are, we will introduce ourselves as well. 

Laetitia and ChristopheLaetitia Dablanc is an urban planner and Christophe Rizet, an economist. We are both Directors of Research from the French Institute of Science and Technology for Transport, Development and Networks (IFSTTAR), University of Paris-East, France 

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