Unit 2: your task

Choose a mobility topic that you are interested in or currently working on. You may choose whatever area is of interest to you, but for a few ideas, examples that have been covered in recent TIDE courses include:

  • cycle parking
  • urban road charging
  • parking pricing
  • establishing a metropolitan public transport authority
  • market research in public transport
  • open data
  • charging infrastructure for electric mobility
  • clean urban logistics

For your topic, take a look at what policy documents already exist locally, regionally or nationally that would influence your measure (or would be influenced by it). Briefly describe two or three of the documents you find. For example, if you choose electric mobility, it would be easy to argue that it could help to meet goals established in an air quality plan or in policy on noise reduction.

Please post your comments on your topic in the news forum under Unit 2: Background and context.

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