Unit 1: your task

Since this unit is called 'Introduction', your first task is to introduce yourself and your organisation. Please write a couple of sentences saying:

•What sort of organisation do you work for?
•Are you involved (or expecting to be involved) in the creation of a MPTA?
•What are your goals with regard to this course?
•What is your starting point?

Please post your introduction in the news forum under Unit 1: Introduction.

Dr Michał Wolański is the TIDE Project Specialist at the University of Gdańsk in Gdańsk, Poland. He is also Associate Professor at the Warsaw School of Economics and a former Visiting Researcher at the University of Leeds in ITS and the University of Sydney in  ITLS. Michał is also a consultant to Polish ministries, local authorities, public transport operators and courts as well as to several international organisations.
Michal photoMichal driving a bus
The two faces of Michał Wolański
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