Unit 3: your task

Now it's your turn to research and share information on the legal system surrounding various components of an MPTA in your country. Within the legal system in your country, who is responsible for:

  • Rail transport?
  • Urban transport (buses, trams, metro)?
  • Suburban transport (buses, light rail – if they exist)?
  • Road network management / Park&Ride facilities?
  • Spacial planning (especially the evaluation of the influence of new ventures on the transport system)?
  • Encouraging cycling and walking?
  • Licencing taxis and private hire vehicles?
  • Facilitating freight transport?
  • Which functions can be transfered to a MPTA?
  • Which functions should be transfered to a MPTA? (think about political restraints)

Please provide your responses in the forum under Unit 3: Roles of an MPTA.

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