Intelligent Transport Systems

Intelligent transport systems (ITS) allow a city to digitally link and share data from one sub-system with another in order to improve the efficiency of the overall system. This sometimes involves collecting and processing so-called “big data”, gathered from a range of sources (including mobile phones), and used to understand travel patterns and user needs.


Introduction to network and mobility management

Description Target audience
This course brings together some of the information, experience, good practices and good ideas on Multimodal Information System. Along with the course information, we provide many links to other websites and sources that may be of interest for you as you think about implementing new measures in your town or city. [SOLUTIONS, 2015] Those who are relatively new to multimodal journey planning to help them weigh the benefits and challenges before introducing it.
Open data: how can cities make the best use of it?

Description Target audience
This course provides an overview of open access data including the key benefits and associated costs. It defines the requirements for open data and address city-specific issues. The course provides lessons learned from cities that have already implemented an open data policy and helps you to answer the question, “Can it work in my city?” [TIDE, 2014] Practitioners in local administrations across Europe with limited knowledge of the range of issues surrounding open data.

Additional resources

Condensed roadmap for the Transport White Paper on Multimodal Transport Information, Management and Paymemt Systems

Description Target audience
Proposed measures, actions and milestones towards the White Paper goal on multimodal transport information, management and payment system (MIMP): "By 2020, establish the framework for a European multimodal transport information, management and payment system." Relevant for companies, associations, NGOs that are involved with EU policy making related to multimodal information, management and payment systems.
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