Unit 5: your task

Now it is your turn to analyse your city in terms of your possible partners and the stakeholders involved. Keep in mind your ideas from the previous units: what you are planning to do, and who could be affected in any way? Make use of the existing cooperations and contacts between the urban administration of your city and private companies. Also, by analysing your stakeholders, always consider groups and individuals by their level of impact and possible resistance.

Please answer the following questions and post your input in the forum under Unit 5: Taking into account partners and stakeholders.

  • What are the authorities concerned and how do they need to be involved?
  • Which organizations or companies could build-up and operate charging stations?
  • Which (local) providers can furnish the resources? Which providers will profit, and which could be damaged?
  • Are there any others who could be affected?
  • Who shall use it? Who is the user and what are his / her interests, needs and predispositions?
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