Unit 1: your task

Since this unit is called 'Introduction', your first task is to introduce yourself and your town or city. Please write a couple of sentences saying:

  • where you're from and what you do
  • what your experience is with urban mobility projects and/or impact assessments
  • what major transport or mobility problems or challenges you currently see in your own city
  • whether your city has published any of their impact assessments that they've conducted for urban mobility projects (please link to them)

Please post your introduction in the news forum under Unit 1: Introduction.

We (Kain and Hanna) will be adding our thoughts and comments to the news forum on a regular basis as well. So you also know who are, we'll introduce ourselves as well.

kainKain Glensor has an Honours degree in (Mechanical) Engineering (B.E., hons) from the University of Auckland, New Zealand, and a Master's degree in (environmental) Political Science (M.A.) from the Free University of Berlin, Germany, in which he focussed on renewable energy and climate change policy. He has been working at the Wuppertal Institute since 2013, where he holds the position of research fellow, working on European and international research projects on sustainable urban transport, energy efficiency and sustainable development.

hannaHanna Hüging working at the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy since 2011 holding the position of research fellow. Within the research group on energy, transport and climate policy at the Wuppertal Institute, she works in several international projects focusing on sustainable transport. Her research focus is on energy-efficient and low-carbon transport strategies and on analysis and evaluation of transport policies and measures.  She holds a MSc in Environmental Science from the University of Cologne and a BA in Geography from the University of Osnabrück.

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