Cooperative Mobility Policy

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This e-course is about regional cooperation in the field of mobility. Through a cooperative approach, there are mutual wins for individual cities and the region as a whole. In this course, you will be introduced to regional cooperation approaches, with concrete examples and recommendations for overcoming governance, funding, or cooperation-related barriers. Multimedia examples such as video material help illustrate such approaches. Local decision-makers interested in benefiting from regional cooperation

Co-creating sustainable mobility at the neighbourhood level

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What is co-creation, and how can it be used to begin transforming our neighbourhoods into more vibrant, livable spaces for all people who live, move, shop, attend schools and relax in them? Learn step-by-step from our experts and six SUNRISE Action Neighbourhoods: Bremen (DE), Budapest (HU), Jerusalem (IL), Malmö (SE), Southend-on-Sea (UK) and Thessaloniki (GR)! Practitioners in city administrations who want to initiate and coordinate a co-creative process in one of their neighbourhoods. No prior knowledge is required. 

Additional resources

GECKO podcast series (Mobility Planet)

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In this podcast, we discuss the challenges and opportunities related to new mobility in our cities. New mobility solutions can provide a broad range of transport options to the public, however they can be difficult to be integrated in cities' existing modal mix. We interview experts with various perspectives on the matter to find out: How can local decision-makers, planners and new mobility providers collaborate to provide innovative, safe and sustainable mobility solutions?

You can find our podcast on all common podcasting platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Overcast, Stitcher and our web player
Anybody interested in new mobility and how it can become part of our urban mobility systems.
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