Unit 5: your tasks

Please post your answers in the forum under Unit 5: The TIDE method - Assessment.

First task:

Monetisation is not an easy task. Check if any standard methods are used in your local administration. Alternatively - check what standard value is provided by the HEATCO project e.g. for NOx emissions for your country http://heatco.ier.uni-stuttgart.de/HEATCO_D5.pdf.

Second task:

Download the spreadsheet listed at the end of this unit. There you will find some more simple examples to calculate yourself (with answers!). Calculate the normalised scores for each measure in the nine effect categories provided. You can check your results against the answers provided in the ‘answer sheet’.

 Save the file, as you will need it also for Task 7 and 8.

Third task:

Use your spreadsheet from the second task in this unit to calculate the weighted normalised scores for measures 1 and 2 in the effect categories provided in the sheet. The sum of the weighted normalised scores will be calculated automatically; this is the measures’ overall score.

You can alter the weighting factors to see how they affect the overall results.

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