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New pricing measures

A variety of effective pricing schemes (e.g. parking pricing and road user charging) have been implemented in cities around the world in an effort to reduce road congestion due to motorised vehicles.

Active transport

Active modes of transport, such as cycling and walking, bring with them an array of environmental and health benefits. Courses under this topic discuss strategies and opportunities for promoting non-motorised transport.

Network and traffic management

Multimodal transport networks require up-to-date management tools which make effective use of transport data.

Electric mobility

From private and public passenger transport to freight logistics, these course explain how cities can learn to promote and make use of electric vehicles to reduce air and noise pollution.

Public transport organisation

Public transport authorities are in a constant state of self-evaluation and evolution. Our public transport organisation courses explain strategies for PTAs to meet their goal of providing more accessible, efficient transport options to customers and potential customers.

Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning

A Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan has as its central goal improving accessibility of urban areas and providing high-quality and sustainable mobility and transport to, through and within the urban area. It regards the needs of the 'functioning city' and its hinterland rather than a municipal administrative region.

Driver training: eco-driving

Driving technique can make a big difference when it comes to energy consumption for buses and trams. In these courses, drivers learn energy-saving driving techniques which will still ensure that they get their passengers to their destinations safely and on time.

EU wide strategies

City Logistics

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