Unit 1: Your Task

Since this unit is called 'Introduction', your first task is to introduce yourself and your town or city. Please write a couple of sentences saying:

  • where you're from
  • what you do
  • what type of mobility measure(s) you are particularly interested in implementing in your town or city
  • whether your town or city currently has a sustainable urban mobility plan (or similar) and what stage of development it is at.

Please post your introduction in the news forum under Unit 1: Introduction.

We (Miriam and Susanne) will be adding our thoughts and comments to the news forum on a regular basis as well. So you also know who are, we'll introduce ourselves as well.

Miriam Lindenau

MiriamI'm a geographer with a BSc from Philipps‐University Marburg, Germany, and hold the title of MSc Urban Regeneration and Management from the University of Liverpool, UK.  I have worked for the Institute of Regional Science/ Institute of Urban & Regional Planning at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and for ESRI Deutschland GmbH. At Rupprecht Consult, I am involved in projects related to the development of urban and regional strategy documents (e.g. Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans), collaborative mobility planning as well as sub-fields such as electric mobility.

Susanne Boehler-BaedekerSusanne Böhler-Baedeker 

I graduated from the University of Dortmund with a diploma in planning sciences in 1996. I have worked as a Senior Researcher at the Wuppertal Institute for Climate Environment and Energy, where I was involved in several national and international projects about sustainable and low carbon transportation on different political levels. At Rupprecht Consult, I am involved in projects related to the analysis and evaluation of transport policies and measures as well as developing policy guidance for sustainable urban mobility planning.

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