Unit 1: your task

Since this unit is called 'Introduction', your first task is to introduce yourself and your town or city in the context of electric mobility. Please tell us:

  • where you're from and what you do
  • what your experience is with EV charging technology and infrastructure
  • what the state of electric vehicle charging infrastructure is in your town or city and (as far as you know) how many electric vehicles are in your city

Please post your introduction in the news forum under Unit 1: Introduction.

The course moderator, Michael Haag, will be adding his thoughts and comments to the news forum on a regular basis as well. So you know who you're (virtually) talking to, here is a bit of information about Michael.

Michael Haag photo

Michael Haag is a Research Associate for Sustainable Mobility Concepts at the Fraunhofer IAO Institute in Stuttgart, Germany. His current research focuses on the future of public charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. Michael has a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering from the Universität Karlsruhe in Karlsruhe, Germany and also studied at the Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology of Thammasat University in Bangkok, Thailand.

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