Self-Assessment questionnaire (online tool)

Technical information
  • The questionnaire comprises 100 "yes" or "no" questions, each one representing one point, up to a maximum score of 100.
  • 13 of the 100 questions are Foundation Questions which relate to basic SUMP requirements. All 13 must be answered with a "yes" - otherwise, the plan will not be considered a SUMP.
  • You do not have to complete all 100 questions in one go; your answers will be saved. You can pause at any time and resume later as long as you continue on the same computer.
  • It is possible to answer questions in any order, and you can move to different sections either by using the contents menu on the left or by clicking the next and back buttons.
  • Once you have visited a certain section, a checkmark will appear next to it in the contents menu. The checkmark appears whether you have completed all questions or not, so we recommend you double-check your answers for each section befor you submit.
  • Once all "Steps" are checked, you can click on “Submit” at the bottom of the last page. You will then automatically be directed to a page with your results and the SUMP category awarded.

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And remember, there is very informative background material available about the SUMP Self-Assessment, instructions about how to navigate the tool, a related webinar, a discussion forum and, maybe most importantly, a PDF version of the SUMP questionnaire that will allow you to discuss all questions with colleagues before you fill in and submit your answers.
Background material

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